Fill your head with rock4




Acryl painting on linen

Image size 29cmx39 cm. 

Oak frame 33,5cmx43,3cmx4,5cm

Excluding shipping costs €7,00




I want to share a thought inspired by the 70's. I am still touched by the LP ' fill your head with rock' through my sister's bedroom door.

It took a lot of energy to produce this LP on black vinyl.

Now it is my turn to translate this beautiful music into beautiful illustrations.

'My LP' consists of 24 songs.

I try to visually reflect the energy that was used for this in my work.

Converting vinyl into brushstrokes is similar to 'Blood,Sweat and Tears'.

Paint and ink will provide a nice result for 'Fill your head with Rock', part two.


Have fun owning the special songs.

Maybe you like this photo picture?


Fill your head with rock 4



Print on 240 grams photo paper

Image size 70cmx100 cm. Comes rolled up in a tube

Excluding shipping costs €7,00